Thor: The Frozen World

A musical Disney-Marvel princess adventure about sisterhood, courage, love, and massive property damage

Why? Because Frozen and Thor are 98.3% the exact same story

The Odinsdottirs

Why did I change Thor and Loki into princesses? Musings on anti-heros, villains and feminism (coming soon!)

Song List (in relation to events in the story)

  1. Odin tells young Thor and Loki about the war with the Frost Giants
    (Frozen realm – Odin, Laufey, Asgardians, Frost giants)

  2. Young Thor and Loki dream of the wonders of queenhood
    (I just can’t wait to be queen -Thor, Loki)

  3. Thor’s coronation day
    (Forever -Thor, Loki)

  4. Loki visits Thor at the SHIELD facility
    (Forever reprise 1 – Loki, Thor)

  5. Thor mourns the loss of her family
    (Endless night – Thor)

  6. Thor and Jane discuss the bifrost
    (Love is an open door – Jane, Thor)

  7. Darcy is Darcy
    (On Asgard – Darcy) – coming soon!

  8. The events following Loki’s fall, including her arrival to Midgard, theft of the Tesseract, mind-control of Hawkeye, and Stuttgart
    (Let it go – Loki)

  9. Before the battle of Midgard, Thor confronts Loki and begs her to return to Asgard
    (Forever reprise 2 – Loki, Thor) – coming soon!

  10. While in her cell, Loki remembers how close she and Thor were as children
    (Do you want to go exploring? – Thor, Loki)

  11. Thor asks for Odin’s blessing to return to Midgard
    (Do you want to go exploring? reprise – Thor)

    The Plot
    Somehow, three entire movies need to become a single musical of a reasonable length and cohesive plot. This requires some serious cuts and changes in Avengers and The Dark World—no disrespect meant to the writers. Here is a very brief synopsis of how the most major changes could work. For those of you who haven’t seen one of more of the movies (and WHY NOT?), plot synopses are linked below.


  • Since this movie contains the bulk of the characters’ backstory, it remains mostly the same, minus some repackaging of the events on Midgard to shorten things.
  • Songs 1-7

Avengers (No assembly required – Arc reactor included!)

  • Everything related to recruiting the non-Asgardian Avengers happens offscreen (perhaps in another musical, eh?). Instead, we stick with Thor and Loki’s perspectives on events.
  • Loki is not captured in Stuttgart, thereby skipping from there to the portal opening and the battle for Midgard.
  • Also, there isn’t coherent room for two major villains, so either The Other/Thanos has to take on the role of Malekith or vis a versa. When The Big Bad (TBB) sees the battle being lost, he is rather put off and activates the Aether so he can find it and destroy Midgard. Meanwhile, Jane has been helping SHIELD combat the Chitauri and/or Dark Elves in some sciencey way; she manages to get infected with the Aether during the final battle, because scientists in the Marvel universe consistently show an impressive lack of self-preservation.
  • Thor takes Loki, the Tesseract, and Jane back to Asgard.
  • Songs 8-9

Thor: The Dark World

  • Other than Loki’s sentencing, the entire beginning of the movie is cut to the point where Thor brings Jane to Asgard. Wait, you’re asking. If you cut the beginning, then how did the super-powered exploding Dark Elf get into the prison with Loki? That’s rather a big deal, isn’t it? Loki’s prison buddies can be captured during the battle on Midgard.
  • We don’t really need two battles on Midgard in the same musical, right? Right. Instead, after Loki ‘dies,’ the climactic battle with TBB is fought on Alfheim.
  • Songs 10-11

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