Here, have some facts!

    I have been writing parodies of song lyrics as a hobby since I was 8. My first one was about Final Fantasy II/IV, and was truly, embarrassingly awful.
    The third CD I ever bought was Weird Al’s ‘Bad Hair Day.’
    Despite the somewhat skewed distribution of song-topics on this blog, I am actually a fairly negligent comics reader. In fact, up until college, I actively detested all superheros other than Batman and the Ninja Turtles.
    I care deeply about the representation of women in popular media, and this will definitely figure in some of my posts. I welcome discussion – and disagreement – in the comments, as long as it stays respectful.
    Any parodies I post are solely for my own enjoyment, but look, if you want to actually hire me to do this, have your people call my people.
    In my day job, I’m a linguist at the University of Iowa.

Follow me on twitter to be updated anytime I post a new song: @rorfitelli


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