Applying Antisymmetry in ‘concert’

Two weeks ago, I drove out to Chicago for CLS 50 – of course, my teaching schedule meant that I got there just in time for the end-of-conference banquet and sadly missed the actual talks – c’est la vie. BUT! As it turned out, the banquet was worth the drive all on its own, because…the CLS conference banquet has karaoke.* Which means…an audience that can actually appreciate my ridiculous linguistics songs.

I ended up singing ‘Applying Antisymmetry’ with one of the Chicago grad students (who was such a trooper–I taught her lyrics in the hallway about 10 minutes before the singing started). It was a lot of fun, and one of the attendees asked me to make a recording of the song, so here it is!

If you want to read along with the lyrics, here is the original post. Also, if you have any requests for theories I should cover in my next ‘Love songs for linguistic theories’ parody, let me know!


*This is now the standard by which I will judge every annual linguistics conference – ahem, looking at you, LSA.